The Dangers of Rationality



Yes, yes, yes. Rory Sutherland hits the nail on the head of so many things I’ve been trying to express. We live in world created under the assumption that we are Homo econs, but human beings are not rational. We are emotional, irrational, unpredictable creatures, and if we weren’t you wouldn’t need people to take classes in things like math and logic. These things need to be taught precisely because they’re not intuitive.

It’s not that they’re not important or we should stop teaching them. If anything, we need more STEM, but we also need more creative thinking, more human-centered, psychological, emotional thinking. As Sutherland so succinctly states, “to some extent human behavior and psychology needs to be a prior consideration to economic logic…”

I could go on, but the video really covers everything. For further listening/reading check on Rory Sutherland’s TED speaker profile and also maybe think about reading Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind.


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